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A Letter from the President
Utility Systems Engineer President Pat Wheeler

Delivering electrical power to rural communities is something like delivering the mail. Serving widely scattered homes, farms and business calls for a different way of thinking than you’ll find in denser urban and suburban areas.

Rural customers require the same rain-or-shine dependability that people take for granted in the city — no matter how far off the beaten path they may be.

Although many once rural areas have since developed into suburban, commercial and industrial areas, the individual attention and importance still holds true. I’ve found that working with electrical cooperatives is a little like talking to a small town mail carrier. The familiarity with the territory and the people is remarkable. That’s one reason I like to stick to the cooperative routes.

When it comes time to plan ahead be sure to give us a call. We promise to help you grow predictably and practically... And you’ll find we deliver!

Patrick J. Wheeler, President
Utility Systems Engineering, Inc.

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