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Planning Studies...

Planning Studies

USE is your best choice for the preparation of planning studies. Our specialties include Working Drawings for Construction Projects, Long Range System Planning Studies and Power Requirement Studies. We work in the industry standard RUS format using popular distribution analysis software as well as specialized software we have developed in-house. Our broad experience will provide accurate data you can rely on to make those important planning decisions.

Sectionalizing Studies..

Sectionalizing Studies

USE Sectionalizing Studies can help your company Provide superior service in today's demanding high growth environment. Our sectionalizing studies will reduce the risk of outages and limit their Cone and extent. As your distribution system grows, these studies will help you to manage new momentary and capacity requirements.

Cost of Service and Rate Studies...

Establish equitable rates and improve of with USE prepared Cost of Service and Rate Studies. We have years of experience using industry standard methods and specialized software to prepare these studies. Our Cost and Rate Studies will provide you with good insight into cost allocation and help you to achieve the greatest possible productivity.


USE can help you manage your contracting projects. We will prepare accurate, innovative, and complete plans and specifications. Our quality plans and specifications will ensure that you receive quality bids and solid value for your contracting expenditures. In addition to planning and design walk, we also can provide superior construction and contract management services.

Substation Design...

The USE Omm has been involved M the design of hundreds of substations. We pride ourselves on our ability to design substations that are pleasing to the eye, balanced and cost effective to construct. Our process typically involves carefully listening to our customer's goals and objectives for their substation. and reviewing complete projects with them for ideas and design preferences.

Relayed Substation...

Relayed Substation

This project had special requirements as the back portion of the site was close to a flood plane. USE, Inc. did the site work design and a local contractor was employed to bring the site to rough grade. The substation was then formally and competitively bill as a 138/12kV,12/16/20 MVA relayed substation.

Fused Substation...

Fused Substation

This project. is a fused, 69/112kV, 10 MVA substation.

Fused Substation2

This project. is a fused, 69/25kV, 7.5 MVA substation.

Retrofits and Upgrades...

Retrofits and Upgrades

The 34kV and 12kV were on the same structure. Voltage was being upgraded to 69kV. We expanded the yard, Improved the ground grid, added containment, brought the transformer out from under the structure, added a high side structure, and relayed the substation.

Retrofits and Upgrades

This is a typical RUS substation that we retrofitted with relayed protection, adding a high quality, economical relay package, a motor to the 69kV air break switch and a transrupter.

Retrofits and Upgrades

This is another relay retrofit solution.

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